Mother to teen client

Sarah has been coaching my child on a weekly basis for the last 3-4 months. During this period of time, albeit brief, we have all embarked on a journey of deeper understanding of ADHD and both the strengths and impediments it presents on a very personal level. My boy is gaining a real insight into his condition and the way it truly presents for him; the areas of particular challenges and the areas where he thrives. The support has provided has enabled him to begin to recognise the moments where his ADHD is impacting him negatively and that recognition allows him to begin using identified strengths or support systems more effectively.

It has also allowed us as his parents to drill into the condition as it effects our child and try to find the right support for him. Before Sarah we felt we had tried all the interventions we had been recommended including regular psychological support, medication, school based intervention, tutoring but were still floundering on a daily basis to see positive long lasting impacts. Frustration and family conflict would bubble to the surface frequently; I personally was finding the challenge of navigating a positive path for my child particularly difficult. Sarah’s weekly coaching sessions have seen productive processes adopted by my boy and a lasting peace descend on our home. I could not recommend her enough. Thank you Sarah.

Mother to 2 young children with ADHD

Sarah is an excellent ADHD coach & very knowledgeable in her field. She really listens & provides practical strategies to reach achievable goals. Her coaching has enabled me to view day-to-day struggles in a different light & take a new approach to dealing with stress & overwhelm. This has made a real difference & I cannot recommend Sarah highly enough.

Semi-retired ADHD Client

A good coach is prepared, confident, a problem solver and a great listener. Sarah is all of these but most importantly she gets ADHD.

When Sarah says she understands, you know she really understands.

As one who has been coached by her, I say," don't procrastinate any longer, jump into coaching with Sarah !

Professional Client with ADHD

Sometimes my ADHD leads me to the bottom of a seemingly impenetrable, unscalable wall.

There are scaffolds one can put in place, but ...is this the right place for me to invest my time and talent?

When the right questions are asked to our authentic selves, the answers are very clear.

So 2nd session is done and dusted, the wall is a great way for documenting thoughts, strategy and direction.