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Circular diagram displaying coaching outcomes as follows: Focus on client'S ADHD. Deleop understanding of ADHD. Re-frame client's ADHD - strengths based. Identify strengths, supports and strategies. Co-create personal toolbox for success. Establish authentic sense of self.

Image showing text The ADHD Coach. Diversity with Dignity. ADHD is complex. Understanding is key. Quotation by Max Planck "When we change the ways we look at things, the things we look at change." Image of a smiling white skinned, dark haired woman, she is wearing glasses. Image is labelled, Hi, I'm Sarah, The ADHD Coach

I'm Sarah The ADHD Coach and Consultant

ADHD is a neurodevelopmental difference in brain structure and chemistry.

The ADHD brain is brilliant, and works incredibly hard to meet expectations.

The ADHD brain is sensitive, to internal and external stress. ADHD is not responsible for poor behaviour, poor behaviour is often a communication of underlying need.

People with ADHD are often disabled by environments as well as the attitudes and beliefs systems around them.

This is called the social model of disability.

Human rights values the authentic self. Diversity makes us human, not disordered nor deficient.

Understanding behaviour as communication, universal design principles and respect for emotional safety is fundamental to my coaching practice.

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